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    Each monthly meeting begins with a brief overview of current and future club business. Once that is finished we all enjoy an interesting game of Name That Fish or Name That Plant. Here members and guests try to identify an unseen fish or plant by asking questions that can be answered by a simple Yes or No. If the answer is yes then the contestant can attempt to name the hidden item and if correct then he or she wins whatever it is. This is one event the kids just love to participate in. A fun time is had by all. We then hold a mini auction and sometimes we have some time for a short Q&A session. Here members and guests put questions forward to a moderator and receive concise and often interesting answers from the moderator and often the rest of the membership. Topics range from 'Algae' to 'Why wonít my fish spawn?'
    This is also a great place to mention any issues that you might have as many members have experienced the very same thing you are asking about. You never know, you might even be able to help a fellow member or guest with their problem. Members are encouraged to bring in a fish or two for our monthly Mini Show competition where entries are judged and club members can vote for a 'People's Choice' winner. We follow this with a short break were coffee, pop and donuts are available. Next itís generally on to our evening program where we often will have guest speakers in from another club or organization. Programs range from catching fish in South America to raising livebearers and caring for your aquarium. What better way to learn than hearing it straight from an expert. After our evening program itís on to our raffle draws.
    Our evening wraps up with second half of our mini auction where members may sell off any fish, plants and other surplus aquarium related items to a maximum of 10 items per member. The club respectfully retains 25% of the selling price and 50% from any guests (invited guest speakers are exempted) and pays applicable taxes. We also maintain a substantial library with books and DVD's covering many aquaria related subjects. Members are permitted to sign out books at the general meetings and return them the following month.