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    The Kitchener Waterloo Aquarium Society (KWAS) established our forum in November of 2004 with the goal of extending our club's vision and mission to potential members outside of easy driving distance. Since then over 1500 members have registered, over 14,000 threads have been started and over 128,000 posts have been made. As of February 2011 the forum averages over 100 posts per day and over 80 new threads started each week.

    What distinguishes our forum from many other fish-related forums is that ours is not controlled by an individual, corporation or commercial interests. Our goal is simply stated as "To create a family-friendly, information-oriented and non-confrontational forum for the discussion of the aquarium hobby in general."

    Most importantly, many avid contributors aren't even members of our local club, so please feel free to join and start participating. We have members from all over North America, and some as far away as Australia.

    For more information about how we operate this forum, and how we keep it civil, we encourage you to read through our frequently asked questions and terms of service. Both will help you decide if the KWAS club forum is the right place for you.