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    Members are encouraged to sign out books, tapes and DVD's at the monthly general meeting and then return them the following month.
    Currently, the club is researching the future of the library. Due to the ease of research on the internet and social media, the library has been inactive for many months. Stay tuned for more information on the future of this resource.

    Updated November 2016

    A Fishkeeper's Guide To Fish Breeding Andrews 1986 3 Books
    A Fishkeeper's Guide To Maintaining A Healthy Aquarium Carrington 1985 2 Books
    A Fishkeeper's Guide to Community Fishes Mills 1984 Book
    A Fishkeeper's Guide to Marine Fishes Mills 1984 Book
    A Fishkeeper's Guide to The Tropical Aquarium Mills 1984 Book
    A Guide to the Tanzanian Cichlids of Lake Malawi DeMason 1995 Booklet
    Adventures With Discus Mayland 1994 Book
    African Cichlids 1 Cichlids From West Africa Staeck 1994 Book
    African Cichlids of lakes Malawi and Tanganyika Axelrod 1973 Book
    African Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika Boruchowitz 2000 Book
    All About Discus Axelrod 1970 Book
    American Cichlids I (Dwarf Cichlids) Staeck 1985 Book
    American Cichlids II (Large Cichlids) Staeck 1985 Book
    An Atlas Of Freshwater & Marine Catfish Burgess 1989 Book
    An Interpet Guide to Aquarium Plants James 1986 Book
    An Interpet Guide to South American Catfishes Sands 1980 Book
    An Interpet Guide To African & Asian Catfish Sands 1986 Book
    Anemone Fishes & Their Host Sea Anemones Allen 1995 Book
    Aqualog: All Corydoras Glaser 1996 Book
    Aqualog: All Labryinths Schafer 1997 Book
    Aqualog: All Rainbows Hieronimus 2002 Book
    Aqualog: All Livebearers & Half Beaks Kempkes 1998 Book
    Aqualog: Loricariidae All L-Numbers Glaser 1995 Book
    Aqualog: Majestic Discus Gobel 1999 Book
    Aqualog: South American Cichlids I Glaser 1996 Book
    Aqualog Extra: Apisotgramma Bork 2005 Book
    Aquarium Atlas Baensch 1982 Book
    Aquarium Atlas 2 Baensch 1993 Book
    Aquarium Atlas 3 Baensch 1996 Book
    Aquarium Designs - Inspired by Nature Hiscock 2003 Book
    Aquarium Fish Ward 1985 Book
    Aquarium Plants Kasselmann 2003 Book
    Aquamaster Aquarium Plants Hiscock 2004 Book
    Aquarium Plants Singapore 1995 Book
    Aquarium Plants Manual Scheuman 1992 Book
    Aquariums For Dummies Hargrove 1992 2 Books
    Aquariums: Windows To Nature Taylor 1993 Book
    Atlas Of Killifishes Of The Old World Scheel 1990 Book
    Atlas Of Marine Aquarium Fishes Burgess 1988 Book
    Back To Nature Guide To Malawi Cichlids Konings 2003 Book
    Brackish Aquariums Gos 1979 2 Books
    Breeding Aquarium Fishes Book 2 Axelrod 1971 Book
    Breeding Aquarium Fishes Book 3 Axelrod 1973 Book
    Breeding Aquarium Fishes Book 4 Axelrod 1976 2 Books
    Breeding Aquarium Fishes Book 5 Axelrod 1978 Book
    Breeding Berghia Nudibranches 'The best kept secret' Banger 2011 Book
    Caribbean Reef Fishes Randall 1968 Book
    Catfish In The Aquarium Ferraris 1991 Book
    Catfishes Of The World Vol 1 Sands 1983 Book
    Catfishes Of The World Vol 2 Sands 1983 Book
    Catfishes Of The World Vol 3 Sands 1983 Book
    Characoids Of The World Gery 1977 Book
    Cichlids and all other Fishes of Lake Tanganyika Brichard 1989 Book
    Cichlid Atlas 1 Mergus 2002 Book
    Cichlids Of The Americas Leibel 1995 Book
    Clownfishes Stratton 1995 Book
    Common Names Of Tropical Fish Louis 1984 2 Books
    Damsel Fishes Of The World Allen 1991 Book
    Dictionary Of Aquarium Terms Tulloch 2000 Book
    Discus Kotlar 1980 Book
    Discus Fish A Complete Pet Owners Manual Barrons 2005 Book
    Trophy Discus Au, Seng & Denito 2008 Book
    Discus As A Hobby Quarles 1984 Book
    Discus: The Naked Truth Soh 2005 Book
    Diseases Of Fishes Kasbata 1970 Book
    Diseases Of Fishes Sarig 1971 Book
    Diseases Of Marine Fishes Sindermann 1966 Book
    Ecology of the Planted Aquarium Walstad 1999 Book
    Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants Hiscock 2003 Book
    Enjoying Cichlids Konings 2002 Book
    Exotic Marine Fishes Axelrod 1969 Book
    Exotic Tropical Fishes Axelrod 1962 Book
    Fish & Their Behaviour Zupranc 1988 Book
    Fish Behaviour Adler 1975 Book
    Fishes of Lake Tanganyika Brichard 1978 Book
    Freshwater Fishes Book 1 Axelrod 1974 Book
    Freshwater Fishes Of Australia Allen 1989 Book
    Freshwater Fishes Of Canada Crossman 1973 Book
    Freshwater Fishes Of The World Book 1 Sterba 1962 Book
    Freshwater Fishes Of The World Book 2 Sterba 1973 Book
    Freshwater Fishes Of Virginia Jenkins 1994 Book
    Goldfish Paradise 1979 Book
    Goldfish Ostrow 1985 Book
    Goldfish & Koi In Your Home Axelrod 1970 Book
    Gouramis & Other Anabantoids Richter 1988 Book
    Handbook Of Discus Wattley 1985 Book
    Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish Evers 2005 Book
    Identification Guide To Marine Aquarium Fish Arco 1977 Book
    Killifish Their Care & Breeding Terciera 1974 Book
    Koi Taka****a 1969 Book
    Lake Malawi Cichlids From Tanzania Spreinat 1995 Book
    Lake Victoria Rock Cichlids Seehausen 1996 Book
    Live Bearing Aquarium Fishes Jacobs 1971 Book
    Loaches Aqarists 2008 Book
    Loaches Mark J. Duffill 2011 Book
    Malawi Cichlids in there natural habitat Konings 2001 Book
    Marine Aquarist's Manual Baensch 1983 Book
    Marine Aquarium Keeping Spotte 1973 Book
    Marine Atlas Baensch 1994 Book
    Marine Fishes Michael 2001 Book
    Marine Invertebrates Shimek 2004 Book
    Marine Tropical Aquarium Guide deGraff 1982 Book
    My Corydoras Shafer 2003 Book
    Naturalists Guide To Freshwater Aquarium Fish Hoedemann 1974 Book
    Nature Aquarium World Book 2 Taka****a 1994 Book
    Oscars Pronek 1982 Book
    Pacific Marine Fishes Book 1 Axelrod 1973 Book
    Pacific Marine Fishes Book 2 Axelrod 1973 Book
    Pacific Marine Fishes Book 3 Axelrod 1973 Book
    Pacific Marine Fishes Book 4 Axelrod 1974 Book
    Pacific Marine Fishes Book 5 Axelrod 1974 Book
    Pacific Marine Fishes Book 6 Axelrod 1975 Book
    Pearl Killifishes - The Cynolebiatinae Costa 1995 Book
    Planted Aquaria 3 Books
    Planted Aquariums Kasselmann 2005 Book
    Poisonous Marine Animals Russell 1971 Book
    Ponds & Water Gardens Heritage 1981 Book
    Rainbowfishes In Nature & In The Aquarium Allen 1995 Book
    Realms Of The Sea Brower Book
    Saltwater Aquariums For Dummies Skomal 2002 Book
    Seahorses Barrons 2002 Book
    Setting Up An Aquarium Kelly 1995 Book
    Sharks & Loaches Walker 1974 Book
    South American Dwarf Cichlids Mayland 1997 Book
    South American Earth Eaters Weidner 2000 Book
    Text Book Of Fish Health Post 1983 Book
    The Aquarium Encyclopedia Mills 1983 Book
    The Aquarium Fish Survival Manual Ward 1985 Book
    The Aquatic Gardener 6 Books
    The Atlas Of Garden Ponds Axelrod 1992 Book
    The Cichlids Yearbook Vol 1 Konings 1991 Book
    The Cichlids Yearbook Vol 2 Konings 1992 Book
    The Cichlids Yearbook Vol 3 Konings 1993 Book
    The Cichlids Yearbook Vol 4 Konings 1994 Book
    The Cichlids Yearbook Vol 5 Konings 1995 Book
    The Cichlids Yearbook Vol 6 Konings 1996 Book
    The Complete Aquarium Problem Solver Boyd 1993 Book
    The Discus (King Of The Aquarium) Degen 1986 Book
    The Ecology Of The Planted Aquarium Walstad 1999 Book
    The Fascination Of Breeding Aquarium Fish Axelrod 1992 Book
    The Manual of Fish Health Andrews 1988 Book
    The Marine & Reef Aquarium Emmens 1994 Book
    The Marine Aquarium Reference Moe 1989 Book
    The Most Complete Colored Lexicon Of Cichlids Axelrod 1993 Book
    The Natural Aquarium Yoshino 1993 Book
    The New Saltwater Aquarium Handbook Axelrod 1991 Book
    The Optimum Aquarium Horst 1985 Book
    The Rockfishes Of The Northeast Pacific Love 2002 Book
    The Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums Fatherree 2005 Book
    The Salt Water Aquarium Manual Valenti 1968 Book
    The Perfect Aquarium Gay 2005 Book
    The Tropical Marine Fish Survival Manual Kay 1995 Book
    Tropical Fish As Pets Coates 1971 Book
    The World Of Catfishes Kobayagawa 1991 Book
    Below The Water Lucanus 2010 Book
    Water Plants In The Aquarium Schumann 1987 Book
    Wells Atlas Mergus 2005 Book
    Amazon, Land of the Flooded Forest Nat. Geographic 1991 VHS
    Amazon Nat. Geographic DVD
    CAOAC Seminar Nov 1998 (Day) CAOAC 1998 VHS
    Identifying Corydoradinae CAOAC 2006 DVD
    CAOAC 2010 Convention CAOAC 20101 DVD
    Invaders in our Waters OFAH 2005 DVD
    KWAS (FAAS) 2009 KWAS 2010 DVD
    Lake Tanganyika "Jewel of the Rift" Nat. Geographic 2005 DVD
    Nicaragua (Cichlids from the crater) Hejins 2005 DVD
    Ocean Aquarium (A mystical journey of the Caribbean) Hejins 1991 VHS
    Okanawa Aquarium DVD
    Oktoberfish 2003 CKCO-CTV 2003 VHS
    Raising Marine Clownfish CAOAC 2006 DVD
    Rheophilus Cichlids Of Central America CAOAC 2006 DVD
    Soft Corals of the Reef Coralife 1995 VHS
    Story of the Coelacanth Bruton 1993 VHS
    Sunken Gardens Practical Aquascaping CAOAC 2006 DVD
    Tetra's Video for a Successful Aquarium Tetra 1974 VHS
    The Wonderful World Of Fish Keeping PBS 2007 DVD
    The Incredible Mr. Limpet Disney 1991 DVD
    Tropical Fish Show News 2003 VHS
    Video Fish Book
    Tips & Tricks for Aquarium Plants
    Fins & Tales 2011 Newsletters KWAS 2011 DVD