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    KWAS hosts a monthly online photo contest for both club and forum members to showcase their fish (includes aquatic invertebrates) and also aquariums. This is a 'People's Choice' contest whereby forum members vote on a poll for their favourite fish and tank photo based on their own criteria. After 14 days a winner is chosen based on the total number of votes received in the poll. Anyone interested in submitting a picture of their favourite fish and tank should e-mail the contest administrator their images.

    For fish submissions we need to know both the common and scientific name of the species and any particulars about this fish that you want to share should your fish be chosen. For aquarium submissions we would like to know tank size in gallons, type of filtration, lighting and substrate and any other particulars you wish to share with us. Participants can submit up to 2 images each of fish and tank setups in any given month. Winners receive a high quality printable colour PDF certificate suitable for framing. All monthly winners are automatically entered in the annual shoot-out held in after our last contest each December.

    Please note that by submitting an image in the fish of the month or tank of the month contests you grant to the Kitchener Waterloo Aquarium Society a perpetual non exclusive license on the image to use and publish your image(s) on the Kitchener Waterloo Aquarium Society website, forum and in our Fins and Tales newsletter. Use outside of these areas is subject to approval of the photographer.