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Thread: You know you're from Kitchener-Waterloo when...

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    Default You know you're from Kitchener-Waterloo when...

    You know you're from Kitchener-Waterloo when...

    You have been to Pepi's Pizza.

    You partied (you're old) or watched a movie (really old) at the Lyric.

    You remember the old Hi-Way Market; wooden floors, lobsters and all!
    The Charcoal Restaurant used to be upstairs..

    Mothers Pizza, The Ponderosa, Kitchener Dairies, Arthur Threcher's Fish & Chips at King and Wellington Street.

    Mount Trashmore (the old dump on Ottawa turned toboggan hill, now a city park)

    The Corkscrew, Swiss Castle Inn, Long John Silver's, Charlie's, The Spaghetti Factory, Chi Chi's, H. Salt Fish and Chips, Athena's, The Three Minute Deli, Cosmo's Factory Skating at Victoria Park,

    The Capital, The Odeon, The Fox, Raymond's Nut Shack beside the theatre.

    Roller Skating at Bingeman's
    Swimming in the POND at Bingeman's
    The Eat 'n Putt

    You walked around with different coloured balloons at LULU'S (you're old)....or shopped at the Kmart that was there before that (really old!)

    The Coronet, The Pit

    Bus time points were on King Street in front of Kresges at King and Frederick.

    A Zehrs at Fairview Park
    The Drive-ins-The KW Drive In ( Bridgeport ), Parkway Drive In (where Toys R Us is now located)

    You have been served by a car hop's wearing roller skates at the A&W...on Victoria , Highland Kingsway Drive , or at King and Weber in Waterloo .

    BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Budds, Bauer's, Arrow Shirts, Kaufman's, Greb's, Seagram's, Labatt's, Pepsi (Wilson & Fairway), Coke (King St), Epton

    The COE, Bangarama

    Trolley buses

    Yet more bars--The Station, Tommy's Place, The East End , Huggies, The Grand.

    Area Specific Aromas--

    Courtland Ave between Stirling and Ottawa (Schneider's),

    Kingsway Drive near Franklin (Dare Cookies),

    Victoria and Edna (Weston's).

    The Lunch Counters at Kresges and Woolworth's.

    The General, a fixture for years in Bridgeport , part of
    Kitchener .

    You know what I mean by the old guy that used to walk back and forth from Cambridge to Kitchener everyday pushing his bike. I don't think I once saw him riding the darned thing.

    You wanted to have your birthday party in the Ronald McDonald Caboose

    Going on Canadian Bandstand with Grantley, or on Big Al's show...or Romper Room.

    The Old City Hall complete with clock tower...and the Farmer's Market in behind. The tower is now located in Victoria Park.

    The Evergreen Motel

    You feel the need to tell people that Jill Hennessy (Crossing Jordan ) went to Grand River Collegiate and Lennox Lewis went to Cameron Heights and Jeremy Ratchford went to KCI.

    The Tulane, Leisure Lodge, The Waikiki

    The Challenger Restaurant - also known as the Breslau Hotel.

    Elaine Cole, Reg Sellner, Betty Thompson, Johnny Walters, Morris Keston, Luciano Pipia

    Cressman's Bush

    Major Hooples Boarding House

    Teli's Deli, Angelo's.

    Eaton's on the corner of King and Water Streets

    Tin Roof (Victoria and King)

    You wonder what the heck that sculpture on the courthouse lawn really is (worm? sausage?)....and how much the city paid for it....

    The old railway tower on King near Victoria . The man had to lower the gates when the trains came.

    The Carl Heintzman Music store

    You know that a single street CAN travel in all four King Street South , King Street North , King Street East , and King Street West .

    You know you can't just say "the corner of King & Weber"

    You or someone in your family has the cookbook "Food That Really Schmecks," by Edna Staebler.

    You look forward to buying corn from Hurley's...out Erb Street .

    And you know you're from Kitchener if you remember when all the phone numbers started with "Sherwood", which meant 7-4!!!.

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    i am new to the this city and i love it.i am from lamebridge originally.we should have moved here years ago.

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    Don't forget the Tin Roof used to be a Tim Horton's.

    Or the Canadian Tire that is now a Timmie's on King, or the Wendy's that is now a Timmie's on King

    And Robinson's in the King Center.

    And I believe you are referring to the $74 000.00 fiberglass dinosaur dropping on the courthouse lawn.

    Lets not forget watching Bowling for Dollars and Tiny Talent Time.

    And the Grand River Cable TV.

    Or Charles and Duke streets were one way.
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    WOW!!! Do I feel old, I forgot half of this stuff until now!! Hey Terry how did you come up with all this, your a "couple" of years older then I am!!

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    I remember going to see Major Hoople's Boarding House, Copper Penny, Yukon, and the new kids Helix at the Coronet - the only place that did not check your ID if you said you came for the 49 cent beer special

    Downtown also had Reward Shoes, George Richards Big & Tall Menswear, Engelert's Gift Shop, Zellers, the Fox theatre, Braun Hobbies sold bicycles, had model HO trains running upstairs and cut keys to survive ...

    Many of my friend's dads worked at Electrohome or Deilcraft Furniture or Krug furniture.

    Across from Rockway Gardens was The Swiss Castle Inn restaurant and Rockway Fish and Chips.

    Oh, and by the way, during high school, I did work part time at the original HiWay Market - complete with the squeaky wood floors, packing groceries in stapled beer boxes, and taking carts down the ramp. In those days, you took the groceries right to the customer's car trunk, might have got a 25 cent tip, and then took the cart right back into the store and back up the ramp for the next customer

    I better stop now before I get into when I worked in the big red computer centre at the University of Waterloo on Canada's first IBM 370/158 (yes, this area was leading edge technology even back then with punch cards slowly being replaced by interactive WIDJET terminals )

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    The Evergreen Hotel on Highland Road with the biker gang house down the street... and who could forget Big John's Subs with the original Big John. This email has gone through our house and everyone has had their input so I have lots of things to add but I won't.
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    Great thread....keep it goin folks.

    I remember when I first came to Canada (Kitchener) we used to toboggan down a big hill on the Lancaster Street Golf Course. There was no Expressway at that time. Gas was only 49 cents a gallon when I bought my first car. That station was near the Pop Shop on Lodge Street. There was Eatons on Water Street and Kresge's department store with it's warped creaky wooden floor.

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    Great thread Terry!

    I have lived in Kitchener-Waterloo my whole life, yet, only know a hand-full items on the list.

    I must be too young!
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    Frank Veteres Pizza where Wendel motors is now. Roy Rodgers at Wilson and Fairway, which i believe was a Red Barn before that. Wow. Beaver Lumber
    in Fairway Mall. Tu Lane on the side of the hill going up hwy 8 towards 401

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    Let's not forget that only in K-W can you defy the laws of geometry; where parallel no longer truly means parallel. After all, we have two parallel streets - King St. and Weber St. that intersect each other three times.
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